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Michigan State UniversityCognitive Science Program

Spring 2016 Cognitive Science Forum Schedule

The Cognitive Forum is held every Friday at 11:00 am in Psychology 230 (unless otherwise noted).

January 15

Dr. Taosheng Liu, Michigan State University

January 22

No Cognitive Science Forum -- Bayesian workshop

January 29

No Cognitive Science Forum -- job talk

February 5

Dr. Jason Moser, Michigan State University

February 12

Dr. Aline Godfroid, Michigan State University

February 19

Dr. Kim Fenn, Michigan State University

February 26

Peter Kvam, Michigan State University

March 4

Dr. Mark Reimers, Michigan State University

March 18

Elisa Fromboluti & Chat Peltier, Michgan State University

March 25

Katelyn Wills & Gozde Senturk, Michgan State University

April 1

Jingtai Liu & Michelle Stepan, Michgan State University

April 8

No Cognitive Science Forum - Cognitive Neuroscience Society Annual Meeting

April 15

Kelly Stec & Cheng Stella Qian, Michgan State University

April 22

Alex Burgoyne, Ming Fang, & Lauren Amick, Michgan State University

April 29

Dr. Zhicheng Lin, The Ohio State University

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MSU CogSci in the News and Announcements

Prof. Kim Fenn did an interview with Michigan Radio about the link between sleep deprivation and false confessions. You can listen to the story here.

Prof. Devin McAuley and colleagues' research on stuttering has been featured in a piece by WLNS. You can watch the video and read the story here.

Prof. Kim Fenn and colleagues recently had their sleep deprivation and false confession study featured in Time magazine, CBS news, IFLS, and on the subreddit /r/news.

Prof. William Hartmann and colleagues published their study "Transaural experiments and a revised duplex theory for the localization of low-frequency tones" in The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America.

Prof. Carol Myers-Scotton, adjunct professor in MSU's linguistics department, published a chapter in The Cambridge handbook of bilingual processing titled "Cross-language asymmetries in code-switching patterns, implications for bilingual language profuction."

Prof. Susan Ravizza's recent work on students' technology use in the classroom was featured in an article on Healthline.

Prof. Mark Reimers is leading an NSF-funded working group on data analysis for the new BRAIN technologies.

Prof. Jeremy Gray was co-author on a recent publication in Science, “Estimating the reproducibility of psychological science”.

Recent graduate Mina Hirzel was awarded the Baggett Fellowship, a one year post-baccalaureate research fellowship at the University of Maryland, College Park. Mina was an undergraduate researcher in the MSU Language Acquisition Lab for two and a half years.

Prof. Mark Reimers led the inaugural course on neural data analysis at Cold Spring Harbor Labs.

An article titled "Bridging the gap: from biometrics to forensics" by Arun Ross and Anil Jain was featured on the Planet Biometrics website. The Philosophical Transactions of The Royal Society article discusses opportunities for inter-disciplinary research between biometrics and forensic science researchers.

Recent work on rythm and developmental stuttering by Prof. Devin McAuley and the TAP lab was discussed on Good Morning America. The research, supported by a RAIND grant, was also featured in The Epoch Times, The Herring Review, and Web MD.

The New Scientist and The Christian Science Monitor featured articles using research from MSU's Biometrics Research Group.

A study carried out by Prof. Susan Ravizza and colleagues on the non-academic use of internet in the classroom was featured in a New York Times article.

For older news, check out our news archive here.